Goodbye 2018

Goodbye 2018

December 31, 2018 Inspired Women Health CoachingEdit "Goodbye 2018"

As we say goodbye to 2018, how would you rate your year? Did you accomplish what you set out to do? How many goals did you meet? Did you even write down what you wanted to accomplish in 2018? It is imperative that we write down our goals and the daily steps we will take to accomplish them. We also need to visualize our goals and actually imagine how we will feel when we reach them. Our mind is very visual and will strive to achieve what we believe will actually happen. Now, as we begin 2019, write down what you would like to achieve in this coming year. Start by looking at all the different aspects of your life and write down goals that pertains to each aspect. We want to take in all the different parts of our lives and really look at how we want our lives to be.

The different aspects are: health (weight loss, diet, exercise), spiritual ( meditate 5 minutes a day, go to church every week etc.), career ( new job, start business, learn how to do a seminar etc.), relationships ( date night with husband, weekly check ins etc.), family ( schedule movie night or game night every week, weekly dinner together etc.) service ( start a charity, give more of your time to volunteer, volunteer at child’s school etc.), emotional ( journal, counseling etc.), fun ( plan a family vacation, tell a joke a day etc.), mind ( read self development books, attend a seminar etc.). These are just examples of goals you can set, and some are my actual goals.

When we have our goals in writing, it becomes more real to us and to our brains. Break each goal down into daily manageable steps you can work on everyday. Don’t take on too big of a goal and try to accomplish it in a short period of time, it will just discourage you if you do not reach it by the specified date.

For a great yearly review, write down all the things you accomplished this past year and some good memories. Also, get a jar and every week of 2019, write something good down that happened this past week and put it in the jar and on New Years eve 2019 look at all those pieces of paper and you will see just how good your life really is.

For me, I am now a certified health coach and I am going through some more training to become a transformational coach. I am going to learn how to conduct seminars ( I am scared to death) and coach people on how to really make changes in their lives. My business will become official soon, and I can’t wait to start to coach women on how to live their best lives and be the best version of themselves they can be.

I wish you the best 2019. Reach for the stars and don’t be afraid to ask for what you need. Surround yourself by supportive, loving people and reach out and be of service to those less fortunate and you will receive so much more in return.

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