My Story

My Story

April 29, 2018 Inspired Women Health CoachingEdit "My Story"

Hi everyone, my name is Kimberly Melillo and I am a Registered Nurse. I am starting this blog to help people reach their health goals. I will be sharing tips and inspiring messages as we travel on our journey to become the best version of ourselves.I wanted to share my story and what got me to the point where I am in my life now. When I was a teen, I deveolped low self confidence and anxiety . It was so difficult going to school when I was young I thought I am not good enough as everybody else, i am too fat ( even though I only weighed 155), I am too ugly, I do not dress as stylish as the other girls in my class”. I was teased by numerous kids in my neighborhood and in my school, maybe because I was shy and timid. I went through the worst year of my life with depression after I left high school at the age of 16 due to my poor self image and social anxiety . I ended up gaining about 100lbs and my weight shot up to 265; my highest weight ever. The first 2 pics below are when I was around that weight . I yo-yo dieted for numerous years and would say to myself ” I will start my diet on Monday”. I would not even get through Monday before I would fall off the diet bandwagon and overeat till my new Diet on next Monday . I ended up gaining so much weight when I punished myself for falling of my diet. Throughout my 20’s I kept myself socially isolated and never dated. I was so self conscious about my weight and thinking ” I am too fat, nobody would ever date me”. Slowly over time in my 20’s and 30’s I did manage to lose some weight, but It was always a struggle, a constant battle in my life.

In July of 2017, I was ready to get focused and work on losing weight. I joined a gym that does high intensity interval training and also had a health coach on staff. My first training session was torture , I was ready to quit and never go back. The workout was so hard for me, I had never worked out so hard in my life. The trainer that I was working with gave me a pep talk about how I can do it if I stick with it. He gave me hope that I can make real changes to my body if I want it bad enough. Within the last 9 months I have lost 23lbs. It is slow , but I did not gain all this extra weight overnight and I will not loose it overnight. I have changed the way I eat and I am replacing high sugar and processed foods for fruits and vegetables in my diet. I will talk more about the foods I eat in another blog. I have seen what happens if I don’t give up. I keep pushing my limits when I am working out and I have made progress since my first workout . I want to share with you my story of being hopeless and severely overweight to me now, inspired and more self confident. I still have weight to loose, but this is a perfect time for us to come together and learn from each other as we continue on our journey to be our best selves. I want to inspire you to not give up when you have had enough and to learn to love yourself and that is when you will see big changes in your life. Losing weight starts in our minds and hearts; I know each and everyone of you has a fighting spirit and the capacity to accomplish great things. I will be your cheerleader every step of the way as we learn tips and strategies to achieve our health goals together . Please Leave me any comments and also suggestions on topics you would like to learn more about on your wellness journey.

Enjoy your day , Kim


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